New book now available!!

November 16, 2009

discovering hidden treasures

Head over to my website to pick up a copy of the new book!  available in hard copy or PDF.

here is a little write up about the book:

We live in a new financial world where much has changed, yet most advisors are still peddling the same old stuff. They preach asset allocation, diversification, risk-tolerance, and all the other buzz words of traditional methods that frankly are NOT working. People are postponing retirement, or having to live on much less than they had anticipated. The stock market and real estate have changed dramatically. It’s time to assess what you are doing.
Inside this book you will learn about hidden treasures of knowledge which will help you see how to create, retain, and transfer wealth. These are methods and strategies not often taught in the financial community, but can assist in handling many financial concerns.Questions like:

What is going on in the economy and how does it effect my financial plan?
How is best to save for retirement?
How can I jump-start my retirement?
How can I create additional tax advantages?
Where is the best source for financing my personal and business needs?
How can I protect my assets and pass them efficiently to my heirs?

These and many more questions will be answered as you read through the book. You will find it easily understandable and full of common sense.


My father in law, Dan Thompson wrote a book called Discovering Hidden Treasures: Innovative Strategies for Creating, Retaining and Transferring Wealth. Be on the lookout for it on or through my website at  Here is a picture of what the cover looks like: (sorry it’s a little small)

Dan Thompson Entire Book CoverDan has spent over 23 years in the financial industry and has taken the time to compose this short book of his findings.  This is a book that could be useful for anyone interested in how to hold onto the wealth they’ve acquired as well as transfer wealth properly to their heirs.  Stay tuned for more information on how to get your hands on a copy!