America Rebuilds

March 19, 2010

I recently saw a TV ad from Principal Financial Group directing viewers toward their new website Immediately I thought of my previous blog post entitled ‘why ever worry about getting back on track’ .

The website has a heading that reads “inspiration, advice and tools to help get your financial future back on track.”  It is fairly obvious that the vast majority of Americans have simply followed the advice of the buzz-word-filled financial planners out there and found themselves so far behind their financial goals that catching up to where they were seems impossible.

I am hoping that the recent turn of events has caused people to think a little harder about exactly where they are putting their money and who they are trusting to invest it.  I am hoping that more Americans will take control of their financial future instead of leaving it in the hands of their so-called ‘expert advisors.’   If you are reading this and have not taken a few minutes to educate yourself about the power of becoming your own bank, please take about 5 minutes to watch this video .

Hopefully this video will help you start thinking differently about finances and wealth management, and understand one of the best ways to simply SAVE YOUR MONEY!