Many people are under the impression that the only way to buy life insurance is to buy term and invest the difference.  True, this option is the best for some people but the majority of people out there are not dedicated/disciplined enough to actually invest the difference.  They end up paying very low premiums for term insurance and the extra money goes toward living expenses or leisure activities.  The thought of those that actually do invest the difference is that when their term insurance expires they will be so wealthy that they will not need to purchase any more life insurance.

I believe the mindset about insurance needs to be changed.  So many times I here life insurance compared to car insurance and you pay it just in case of an accident.  While this is true of car insurance, life insurance can be used for so much more than simply accident protection.  Just like its better to own rather than rent and home, it is better to own instead of rent lift insurance.  Why?  because at the end of your 20 or 30 year term you have nothing!  Unless certain riders are put in place you have no cash value, no death benefit and nothing to leave to your heirs.

Using dividend paying whole life as an investment vehicle as well as a personal bank can extremely increase your saving potential as well as your overall wealth.  Becoming your own bank is the most powerful, safest, and well tested tool you can have in your financial arsenal.  Click on the link on the top of this page to fill out our secure form and request more information.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.